(Eng.) DIY: Redo gloves, to make them photo friendly

To sew on something that you’ve got in your closet: a small effort to get the results that you’re after, and -a good feeling of taking things into your own hands!

(Eng.) Photos of a ladybug, taken with my new macro ring flash on

I bought a macro ring flash, last week and I think it does it’s job. However, I find it to give more reflections than I’d like, as it does on the back of the ladybug that I photographed, as you can see on the photos below. After playing some with the flash, I wanted to try a diffuser on it. I made one of paper and taped it to the flash, to get a less direct- and bright light.

Everyday tips, English, Food - Jun.11th-2011


(Eng.) “Wine cubes”

Sometimes when opening up a bottle of wine, you only want to enjoy a couple of glasses, and not empty the whole thing. You might forget about the rest of the wine, and let it sit in the fridge for too long, and then having to throw it out. I have a tip…

Everyday tips, English - May.16th-2011


To recycle or not to recycle? – That’s a silly question!

We get lots of unnecessary paper in the mail, both ads and large envelopes. Instead of tossing these right out, they can come in handy. I use them to write shopping lists, to-do lists, poetry and general rambling.

Everyday tips, Words, English - May.13th-2011


(Eng.) Backup, don’t back down

We’ve all got our photo albums, creative projects, love letters, business documents and what not, on a hard drive. When so much important stuff is saved in one place, it’s like pulling an ‘all in’, in a poker game, and having just a one pair-hand. Therefore, it’s crucial to do backups, not to lose all of your files.

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