English, Food - May.24th-2012


(Eng.) Smoothie recipe x 2 – only healthy ingredients!

Here you get two smoothie recipes in one blog post. The first one is a base recipe, consisting of vegetables and fruits, while the other one has some superfoods added to it. So the latter is for you who want to give your body some extra TLC!

English, Food - Aug.22nd-2011


(Eng.) Allergy friendly and healthy energy bars – a simple small meal

After I started on a gluten free diet, in 2009, and continued on a dairy free diet, I tried to find a replacement for the energy bars that I’d used as small meals. That was harder than I’d thought, because the ones that were gluten free, had milk in them and vice versa, or they were full of sugar and other unhealthy stuff. I was therefore very happy when I found a lot of different, healthy energy bars, in the American web shop iherb.com, that I could have!

Everyday tips, English, Food - Jun.11th-2011


(Eng.) “Wine cubes”

Sometimes when opening up a bottle of wine, you only want to enjoy a couple of glasses, and not empty the whole thing. You might forget about the rest of the wine, and let it sit in the fridge for too long, and then having to throw it out. I have a tip…

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