(Eng.) A torch parade, in memory of the Oslo- and Utøya terror victims

Early Sunday night, there was a torch parade i Moss, Norway, to mark that we stand united in this tragedy. Thousands of people attended this peaceful parade, despite that the weather Gods poured their tears all over us. I went, as well, even though my health was poor, in order to show my sympathy- and respect for the victims of the terror. Standing up and down, doesn’t work well with me, so I near fainted. Sitting some-, and walking last in the parade, in order to keep my own pace, helped.


The parade ended up by the main church in town. There was a marking of two minutes silence (which I just heard of afterwards, since I was still walking slowly, somewhere up the street) and people put down flowers, cards and candles. Inside the church, there were many lit candles, great piano music and time to gather one’s thoughts and express one’s feelings. It was a very nice while, with time for just being. I kindly asked the priest if I could take some photos in there, which I was allowed to.


Here are glimpses of the marking:



Norsk versjon.


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