(Eng.) Self-realization

Weel 21:

We humans are social animals, whom want to be well liked, to feel like a part of the herd, and not be on the sideline of life. When we make decisions, whether it’s about studies, jobs, hobbies or relations, it can be difficult to tell if we make them based on our own meanings and wishes, or if they’re based on other people’s expectations of us.


If you have dreams and wishes for life, that differ from the”norm”, it kan be hard to swim against the stream, and it takes a lot of guts standing up for what you believe in. At the same time, there are easier roads to take. Roads with sidewalks and lights, that bright up the ambiance when the blue hour has passed and -contaminated your mood. It might be easier to follow these roads than to make your own path, but will they lead you to your goal?


In order to achieve your goal; self-realization, you have to go in the right direction. Perhaps there’ll be som detours, since you’d have to make your way through high grass, which keeps you from seeing the horizon. Still, while you’re on these detours, maybe you’ll se a blooming flower, a buzzing bee, a toad waiting to be crowned or a beaver with wet pants.


While walking on the completed roads, the asphalt covers these small wonders. If you stop for just one second, you can get run over or someone might pass you by. When everyone walks in the same direction, one disappears in the crowd, and the light doesn’t shine as much on one’s hopeful face.


On the overgrown path, you don’t meet as many people, but those you do meet, have taken a stand to walk in this particulair direction. And for every step you take, you’re one- closer to being your true “self”. You can only truly see- and understand other people when you truly see- and accept yourself. What’s better for society than everyone working to improve their “self”? When the sun’s at it’s highest, it shines the most, and it spreads warmth and pleasure to all.


Have you started on your own journey, making your own path, and come to a mountain, that keeps you from moving forward? You can either sit down and cry, or you can start climbing the wall, and maybe you’ll reach the top and get an overview of the rest of your journey. You never know what the outcome of a challenge will be, before you give it a go. One of the great joys in life, is that you make your way, one bit at a time. There’s no point in walking in line on asphalt roads, decorated with overrun toads and with a big cloud of pollution hanging over it, when you can explore the wonders of the wild nature.


Norsk versjon.



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