(Eng.) Høstlandskap | Fall landscape

Høsten er en vakker fotomodell!
Fall is a beautiful model!

(Eng.) DIY: Redo gloves, to make them photo friendly

To sew on something that you’ve got in your closet: a small effort to get the results that you’re after, and -a good feeling of taking things into your own hands!

English, Food - May.24th-2012


(Eng.) Smoothie recipe x 2 – only healthy ingredients!

Here you get two smoothie recipes in one blog post. The first one is a base recipe, consisting of vegetables and fruits, while the other one has some superfoods added to it. So the latter is for you who want to give your body some extra TLC!

(Eng.) A poem: A muted alarm

Et dikt som jeg nylig skrev, og et bilde tatt i Oslo i oktober. | A poem that I recently wrote, and a photo taken in Oslo in October!

(Eng.) Face your creativity!

Høstbilder som er ment til å trigge dine kreative tanker! Hva ser du i bildene?
Fall photos that are meant to trigger your creative thoughts! What do you see in the photos?

(Eng.) Abstrakter i svart/hvitt 2 | Abstracts in black/white 2

Flere bilder i s/h. | More photos in b/w.

(Eng.) Abstrakter i svart/hvitt | Abstracts in black/white

Ikke alt i verden er svart/hvitt, men disse bildene er det!
Not everything in life is black/white, but these photos are!

English, Food - Aug.22nd-2011


(Eng.) Allergy friendly and healthy energy bars – a simple small meal

After I started on a gluten free diet, in 2009, and continued on a dairy free diet, I tried to find a replacement for the energy bars that I’d used as small meals. That was harder than I’d thought, because the ones that were gluten free, had milk in them and vice versa, or they were full of sugar and other unhealthy stuff. I was therefore very happy when I found a lot of different, healthy energy bars, in the American web shop iherb.com, that I could have!

Inspiration, English - Aug.16th-2011


(Eng.) Mrs. Elisabeth – a rose with history

 Anne, with the gardening blog Moseplassen (the moss place), holds a competition every month, where people can enter a photo and -text, which relate to her chosen garden-/nature subject. This month, however, she’s decided to throw a challenge, instead, due to Norway’s state of mind, post terror actions, and the theme is “miss rose”. So instead of competing for the title, we’re to share our roses with other people who’re into gardening and photography, just to share our joy!

(Eng.) Florabilder | Floral photos

Fotografier av naturens ulike planter og blomster, som alle er vakre på sin måte. Noen skinner alene, mens andre trives best i grupper.
Photos of Nature’s different kinds of plants and flowers, which all are beautiful, in their own way. Some shine by them selves, while others thrive in groups.

(Eng.) Bilder fra dagens strandtur | Photos from our trip to the beach, today

Her er noen bilder fra dagens herlige strandtur. | Here are some photos from our lovely trip to the beach today.

Inspiration, English - Jul.25th-2011


(Eng.) A torch parade, in memory of the Oslo- and Utøya terror victims

Early Sunday night, there was a torch parade i Moss, Norway, to mark that we stand united in this tragedy. Thousands of people attended this peaceful parade, despite that the weather Gods poured their tears all over us. I went, as well, even though my health was poor, in order to show my sympathy- and respect for the victims of the terror. Standing up and down, doesn’t work well with me, so I near fainted. Sitting some-, and walking last in the parade, in order to keep my own pace, helped.

Inspiration, English - Jul.23rd-2011


(Eng.) “There is no road towards peace; peace is the road.” Mahatma Gandhi

The sick, sick terror actions in Oslo today, the bombing of the governmental block and the shooting at the island Utøya, have really shocked me! I often see bombing and shooting on TV, but this kind of terror actions have never taken place in Norway before. Vi might be a naive and gullible people, but what has the world turned into, if one is to expect to be victims of terror?

(Eng.) Gresset er alltid grønnere | The grass is always greener

Grønne bilder | Green photos.

(Eng.) Makro potpourri | Macro potpourri

Makrobilder av diverse insekter. | Macro photos of misc. bugs.

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