Inspiration, English - Jul.25th-2011


(Eng.) A torch parade, in memory of the Oslo- and Utøya terror victims

Early Sunday night, there was a torch parade i Moss, Norway, to mark that we stand united in this tragedy. Thousands of people attended this peaceful parade, despite that the weather Gods poured their tears all over us. I went, as well, even though my health was poor, in order to show my sympathy- and respect for the victims of the terror. Standing up and down, doesn’t work well with me, so I near fainted. Sitting some-, and walking last in the parade, in order to keep my own pace, helped.

Words, English - Jul.23rd-2011


(Eng.) I wish for “pax in terra” – regarding the terror in Oslo, July 22nd 2011

Words are meaningless in a day like this. The huge tragedy in Oslo yesterday, has left our country in mourning. It is, however, not just us Norwegians who are affected- or shocked by the terror action that occurred. This concerns the entire planet! When something as extreme can happen in little and safe Norway, other countries must be scared that this will happen on their land, as well.

Inspiration, English - Jul.23rd-2011


(Eng.) “There is no road towards peace; peace is the road.” Mahatma Gandhi

The sick, sick terror actions in Oslo today, the bombing of the governmental block and the shooting at the island Utøya, have really shocked me! I often see bombing and shooting on TV, but this kind of terror actions have never taken place in Norway before. Vi might be a naive and gullible people, but what has the world turned into, if one is to expect to be victims of terror?

(Eng.) A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet

When I got home from my excursions, I more than once said «you know, this German guy said…», “the guy did…” etc, so it’s obvious that the meetings put my mind to work. The funny thing is that we never introduced ourselves, we only shared a conversation and a sunset – mystical meetings that lasted up till the sun’s bedtime.

Words, English - May.3rd-2011


(Eng.) Living well is contagious

‘Living well’ can entail so much. If someone smiles at you, it might reflect on your lips. When you watch sports on TV, you might feel the urge to go outside and run, ride a bike or play football. When something bad happens, it’s easy blaming others, but when something goes well, we don’t like to share the credit with others.

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