Inspirasjon, Mine dikt - Jun.23rd-2013


Et dikt: Med vindens vinger

mini-grey clouds
Hva ser du i bildet?

(Eng.) Solnedgangbilder | Sunset photos

Noen bilder, rett og slett! | Simply some photos!

(Eng.) Rosa og blå bilder | Pink and blue photos

De siste bildene i denne fotoserien. | The last photos of this photo series.

(Eng.) The morning hour has gold in its mouth

I enjoyed an amazing sunrise, three days ago! The sky was burning in pink shades, in east, while it was all grey and boring, in the other directions. Since I am a “the glass is half full”-kind of girl, I ignored the grey parts and simply enjoyed the beautiful awakening sun, that tried to outshine me there I was in my night gown, on the mountain in our backyard.

(Eng.) The sun sets, and off I go

This day has been a great day for me. I’ve had good friends over for lunch, and we sat outside and enjoyed this lovely and sunny day. After that, I went on a photo safari in our front yard, where I met lots of weird creatures (I’ll upload the photos, some day soon.) 🙂 And later on, I had dinner with my parents, which I rarely do, since I’m stuck in bed, most of the time.

Himmelbilder | Pictures of the sky


Himmelbilder; månen, solnedganger og skyer. Trykk på linken for å åpne bildegalleriet.

Pictures of the sky; the moon, sunsets and skies. Press the link to open the photo gallery.

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