Words, About "Words", English - Sep.14th-2011


(Eng.) Too ambitious? – A change to the category “Weekly words”

When I started up the blog, one of my ideas was to write one post about interesting words, “Weekly words”, per week. Having to write to a (selfmade) deadline, turned out to be harder than I thought. And it isn’t because I don’t come across enough funny-, bizarre- or inspiring words. It is because of my poor health. And the last thing that I need, when I’m trying to get better, is satisfying my inner perfectionist, with continuing on with this column, just for the sake of it. After all, Miss Perfectionist has lots of other things keeping her busy.

Words, English - Jul.23rd-2011


(Eng.) I wish for “pax in terra” – regarding the terror in Oslo, July 22nd 2011

Words are meaningless in a day like this. The huge tragedy in Oslo yesterday, has left our country in mourning. It is, however, not just us Norwegians who are affected- or shocked by the terror action that occurred. This concerns the entire planet! When something as extreme can happen in little and safe Norway, other countries must be scared that this will happen on their land, as well.

Words, English - Jul.10th-2011


(Eng.) Bazinga!

I’ve recently finished my “The Big Bang Theory”-marathon, and I laugh my face off by the geeky sense of humour that the show is based on! One of the main characters, Sheldon, exclaims bazinga! after his jokes, to show that he didn’t mean what he said, seriously.

Words, English - Jun.29th-2011


(Eng.) To smurf oneself blue and purple

Fun stuff about the smurfs, -the newly set World Record in smurfing, -a Smurf test and -the upcoming 3D movie “Smurf’d”.

Everyday tips, English, Food - Jun.11th-2011


(Eng.) “Wine cubes”

Sometimes when opening up a bottle of wine, you only want to enjoy a couple of glasses, and not empty the whole thing. You might forget about the rest of the wine, and let it sit in the fridge for too long, and then having to throw it out. I have a tip…

Inspiration, Words, English - Jun.4th-2011


(Eng.) Self-realization

If you have dreams and wishes for life, that differ from the “norm”, it kan be hard to swim against the stream, and it takes a lot of guts standing up for what you believe in. At the same time, there are easier roads to take.

Words, English - May.23rd-2011


(Eng. ) To grow apart

If you have a friend that always laughs at your jokes, happily listens to you, when you’ve got lots on your mind, sends you cute emails, out of the blue, always sees- and brings out the best in you and generally cheers for you, then don’t let them out of your life! Make the time that you both need, to keep a mutually giving friendship.

Everyday tips, Words, English - May.13th-2011


(Eng.) Backup, don’t back down

We’ve all got our photo albums, creative projects, love letters, business documents and what not, on a hard drive. When so much important stuff is saved in one place, it’s like pulling an ‘all in’, in a poker game, and having just a one pair-hand. Therefore, it’s crucial to do backups, not to lose all of your files.

Words, English - May.3rd-2011


(Eng.) Living well is contagious

‘Living well’ can entail so much. If someone smiles at you, it might reflect on your lips. When you watch sports on TV, you might feel the urge to go outside and run, ride a bike or play football. When something bad happens, it’s easy blaming others, but when something goes well, we don’t like to share the credit with others.

Words, English - Apr.25th-2011


(Eng.) Don’t deny that you love “plausible deniability”

While stuffing your face, someone comes in, and you don’t want to get busted, so you start to act all confused, you don’t hear it when they’re talking to you, and then, all of a sudden, you fake a wakening, saying «oh, was I sleep walking, again?»

Words, English - Apr.18th-2011


(Eng.) Is ‘integrity’ just a hardcore band?

People are often staying loyal to their bank, insurance company etc., thinking that it’s the right thing to do. The right thing for whom? While doing what’s right for others, we tend to forget what’s right for ourselves. When we’re afraid of stepping on someone’s toes, we might end up standing still.

Words, English - Apr.11th-2011


(Eng.) A view with housekeeper

In one ad, I came across the following description; “…apartment with fantastic location and view with housekeeper.” When windows are clean, we get good views (not without exceptions); thus, a view with housekeeper.

Words, English - Apr.3rd-2011


(Eng.) An oxymoron or just a moron?

I recently watched an old episode of Gilmore girls (season 1, episode 15). There was one dialogue that I simply had to write down, since it got me in such a good mood. Also, “oxymoron” is one of my favorite words in English, and I like to spice up my vocabulary with oxymorons.

Words, About "Words", English - Apr.2nd-2011


(Eng.) About “Weekly words”

When I was in middle school, my Norwegian teacher advised me to read more novels, over the summer, to expand my vocabulary. Good girl as I am, I read 23 books that particular summer. All the reading made me fond of the weirdest words and expressions.

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