(Eng.) A blue chickadee who’s not feeling blue

When I look out my bedroom window, I see all of these small birds who’re flying from tree to tree. When the wind gets heavy, they hold on tightly, using their beak and claws. The trees are swaying and the birds are following their movements, from side to side, down and up again. This makes me wonder; do they hold on so tightly to save their lives and to prevent their kids from becoming orphans, or do they just want to fly South, one more time?

I believe they do it to see who holds on the longest, just like people do on mechanic bulls. All of the chirping in the background might mean «come on, handsome, you can do this!» And the contestant replies «of course! Bring it on, oh mighty wind! Don’t make it too easy for me!»


This one blue chickadee is quite awesome. It holds on to the branch while the wind shoots him up in the air and down to the ground, time after time. It could easily be him who holds the best time and is the state champion.


I bet that birds have more fun than we tend to think. They’re impulsive, go on fieldtrips, splash in puddles, steal food from us people and then laugh their feathers off by it, go on adventures in the woods, indulge in fruits and berries, sing in a choir and balance on one foot on rooftops, as steadily as Karlsson-on-the-roof can only dream of.


My belief is that we’ve all got something to learn from the birds, in this aspect. We should play more in our everyday lives. When I was in Elementary school, I often played up in the trees, in our backyard. I sat up there with a friend, and we’d brought pillows, The baby-sitters club-books and a tape-recorder. We laughed so loudly up there, that I believe they could hear us on the Moon. And when we got hungry, we just helped ourselves to some lovely cherries.


Why don’t grown ups do things like that? Are we too afraid of being «weird», «different» or «childish», and have we all forgotten how much fun we had as kids? We’ve got no right to judge other people, who’re just living their lives to the fullest, even if that means that they’re being childish sometimes.


We’re not grown up until we dare to play and be childish. So I dare you to find the time and courage to go outside and play! Go play with a hopscotch, skipping rope, baseball, slingshot, marbles or whatever you played with as a child. I can guarantee you that it’ll be great fun! And at the same time, you will show that you’re worthy of your right to vote.


So off you go! And don’t you hesitate to share your joy with me or other people, who’re looking for some inspiration in their lives. 🙂


Norsk versjon.



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