(Eng.) A view with housekeeper

Week 14:


I need to find new tenants for my apartment, and I’m therefore frequenting advertising sites, these days. In one ad, I came across the following description; “…apartment with fantastic location and view with housekeeper.” (My italics.)



When I was a child, I had many ideas of things to invent, among other, window wipers for houses, similar to auto window wipers. Come to think about it, the concept of “view with housekeeper”, might be similar to my invention.


My idea was to give people clean windows, without them having to lift a finger for it. And when windows are clean, we get good views (not without exceptions); thus, a view with housekeeper. I should have patented my idea, 20 years ago, so I’d afford a great view and a housekeeper today. 😉


Norsk versjon.



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