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My name is Renate and I was born in -83. I’m a part time law student, and I work full time on recovering from a chronic illness. As a healthy person, I love an active way of life. However, since I got sick several years ago, my days aren’t as I would have liked them to be. When I’m not studying law, I’m «studying» life, from a different perspective,  and I’m going for gold in the battle against sickness!


🙂  I like;

to photograph, paint, play soccer, interpret people’s body language, write poetry, make consumer complaints and get lots of new stuff in return, organize my papers, travel, make well considered purchases, read books and magazines, be asked for an ID at the liquor store, shower, try new and healthy recipes, get dressed up, shop, be overtired and giggly, make scrapbooks and cards, look through old boxes in the attic, use my right to vote and sleep,



sports, optimism, to-do lists, chocolate, diamonds, broccoli, acceleration, red wine, big duvets, color matching, goal minded savings, eBay, fashion, quality time with family and friends, puns, romantic comedies, the dictionary of difficult words, cashmere, action movies, warm meals, gadgets, the French- and English language, recycling, mangosteen, the smell of winter, blueberry mojito and fresh bedding.


🙁  I don’t like;


to run out of hot water while in the shower, scratch a new manicure, lose in board games, step in water with just socks on my feet, forget what I was about to say, be mistrusted, be called by phone marketers or sit backwards in a motorized vehicle,



when people don’t get irony, way too private- and frequent status updates on Facebook, natural disasters, onions, slow computers, plumber’s cracks, bad hair-days, gutless politicians, when people complain over minor issues, racism, broken promises, sickness, the sound of garbage trucks/snow plowers/lawn mowers, smoke, left overs for dinner, heavy metal, delays, fake smiles, war, when people don’t introduce themselves on the phone, the high taxes on imports to Norway, when something I’ve just bought comes on sale, animal taxidermy, slurping, drug abuse, bell peppers, illegal discrimination, science fiction, that I never win the lottery, smug people, cutting in line, hair tangles, that it’s not standard with size and a half-shoe sizes in Norway, wasting food or violence.


Norsk versjon.
(Edited on March 22nd 2013.)


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