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How to navigate this blog?

– I write my posts in both Norwegian and English. Although, there might be some posts that I’ll only write in Norwegian, since some subjects I’ll write about, won’t apply to foreign relations. You’ll find all the English posts in the category called English.

– In the “News”-tab, up in the right sidebar, you can see the 10 newest posts. The English ones will start with “(Eng.)”, and the photo albums will have both a Norwegian- and an English name, e.g. “Vinter | Winter”.

– To see my photogalleries, go to the category called  Bildegalleri/Photo gallery.


What does one find on this blog?

pictures, poetry and other creative stuff.

– tips that can make your days a tiny bit better, included recipes.

– experiences from my time as sick, with a main focus on opportunities, hope, optimisme and inspiration.



Why is the blog called re-creative?

There are several reasons why I chose this name for the blog:

– «re», since those are my initials and «creative», since I like to express myself creativily.

– When these syllables are put together, they form the word «recreative», which has two meanings (recreative):

–  To impart fresh life to; refresh mentally or physically.

–  To take recreation (recreation):

–  refreshment of health or spirits by relaxation and enjoyment

–  recreation period

These meanings tell the tale of my life, as I am undergoing medical treatment, trying to recover from several years of sickness. Until my body works properly, my days are filled with lots of relaxation, photography and everyday joys.


Norsk versjon.


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