(Eng.) Don’t deny that you love “plausible deniability”

Week 16:


This week’s words are «plausible deniability».


I came across this expression in an episode of Gossip Girl, where two people who’re not friends, openly, are going to attend an exhibition. They enjoy each other’s company but they’re ashamed of their newborn friendship, since they’ve always been looking down on each other, prior to this. They plan on coming at different times, so that they can tell people that they just bumped into each other there, and that they absolutely didn’t come together.


The first picture that came to my mind, on this topic, was an old picture of me, sitting behind the Christmas tree at home, looking busted. “I’m not opening my presents, I just dropped my lollie behind the tree. Found it!” Would you have believed me? 🙂


If you’re not familiar with the expression, imagine you’re on a diet and that you get up at night, to snack on some Easter candy. While stuffing your face, someone comes in, and you don’t want to get busted, so you start to act all confused, you don’t hear it when they’re talking to you, and then, all of a sudden, you fake a wakening, saying «oh, was I sleep walking again?» This may plausibly deny your actions, but you won’t fool yourself.


To read more about this expression, go to Urban Dictionary or Wikipedia, for example.


Norsk versjon.



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