(Eng.) A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet

Twice during the last week, I’ve brought my camera and gone off to the beaches, to ‘shoot’ the sunset. I’ve gone to  quiet areas, where I’ve photographed the sun, -water, -trees, -grass and -boats, that I’ve come across, in the finest light. The outcome was pretty good and I enjoyed myself a lot, being out and about on my own – feeling the wind on my face, listening to the ocean’s heartbeat, seeing the colors change and just being.



On both field trips, I’ve come in talk with some nice people, that I hadn’t seen before. If I’d gone on the photo trips with someone, I’d probably just say «hi» to these bypassers, and not talk to them for up to an hour each, like I did. When having company, we’re less open to letting new people in – we sort of don’t need them.



There’s something exciting about talking to people outside your social circle and -comfort zone. They see things differently and they might have something to teach you. It’s strange thinking about that these short conversations can do something to you, that they can make a difference. When I got home from my excursions, I more than once said «you know, this German guy said…», “the guy did…” etc, so it’s obvious that the meetings put my mind to work. The funny thing is that we never introduced ourselves, we only shared a conversation and a sunset – mystical meetings that lasted up till the sun’s bedtime.



I think there’s something liberating about being able to do something on my own, without feeling like someone’s missing. Often, when people are waiting for someone, they take up their phone, because they feel uncomfortable being on their own, out in public. Why is that? We should all make some «me-time», either in a café, a shopping center, on a beach or walking around the block. Perhaps you’ll have some «mystery» meetings, as well, either short impulses or beginning relationships. Or maybe you’ll just spend the time reflecting over the thoughts that pop up. If you don’t enjoy your own company, why should others do so?



Norsk versjon.



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