(Eng.) A visit from affectionate roe deers

During Christmas, I wrote on the blog’s facebook page that I would shortly publish a photo series of roe deers on the blog. And now, two long months have passed! Time flies when you lack energy, and have lots to spend the energy on! I would have loved to blog more often, but I have to listen to my body, and keep the blogging to energized periods. And I’ve also taken on new commitments in real life, that must come first.

I’m just in time for sharing these Winter photos before Spring’s here (I’m being optimistic, as this is Norway, after all!) I shot the photos through a window, so the sharpness of them is so and so, but I had an amazing Nature experience, observing the animals’ behaviour close up! It was a loving roe dees family of three – represented by the mum and calf, as the dad was out of my camera’s reach.
roe deer calf
roe deers 2
roe deers

roe deers 3
roe deers 4
roe deers 5


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