(Eng.) Backup, don’t back down

Week 18:

I messed up my html-codes, last week, and it freaked me out! “What do I do to fix them?”, I asked myself. I tried several changes, but I didn’t come up with the solution. This made me think about my backups. Had I made recent backups of my codes, posts and comments?


I’m good at thinking the worst, in situations like this. “I’ve ruined everything and I have to start from scratch”, I thought to myself. Luckily, it all worked out great, after some days of down time. I think we all need this sort of wake up call, sometimes, to evaluate our routines.

These days, a life isn’t just measured in money, body, feelings or actions, but in bytes as well. We’ve all got our photo albums, creative projects, love letters, business documents and what not, on a hard drive. When so much important stuff is saved in one place, it’s like pulling an ‘all in’, in a poker game, and having just a one pair-hand. Therefore, it’s crucial to do backups, not to lose all of your files.


We don’t just have to protect our files from code errors, viruses or spyware, there are external factors to consider as well. There could be a robbery, flood, hurricane, earthquake or fire etc., that could erase most of the traces of your electronic history, knock on wood. So having a backup in an external hard drive, next to your computer, isn’t good enough.


If you do like to have your external hard drive at hand, then you need to have an additional backup, to store somewhere else. You could keep it in a bank box, a safe or in a friend’s- or family member’s house. If you choose the latter, then you could combine your backups with a friendly visit, so it’s a win-win situation. 🙂


It isn’t just important to do a backup of your files now, but to keep doing it after you’ve written a new document or added new photos or ‘favorites’, etc. While I’m on it… Before the World went digital, all our photos came on paper, with negatives on the side. It’s important to backup these ‘files’ as well. You could scan your photos onto your computer and store your negatives in a safe or bank box. So I encourage you to prevent being robbed of your past, so to speak.


Norsk versjon.



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