(Eng.) DIY: Redo gloves, to make them photo friendly

Photographing outside, can be a cold experience – at least in Norway! Gloves that cover up the fingers, give a poor grasp, and makes it hard to press the buttons on the camera. Using fingerless gloves, on the other hand, makes the hands colder than they have to be. I use the thumbs and index fingers the most, while photographing, so today I’ve made my own photo gloves, adjusted to my needs.

I dug out a pair of gloves from the drawer, and I cut off the tip of the four fingers – one at a time, not to make the gloves unravel.

Then I turned the gloves inside-out, made a little fold and stitched the fold to the glove – halfway down the fabric, so the seem doesn’t show on the outside.

It only took a few minutes to redo them, and here you see the result:

These gloves aren’t warm enough to use during winter, but then I’ll just carry a pair of warm mittens in my bag, so I can warm my hands in between the shoots. Or I can apply the same technique to redo a pair of skiing gloves.

På norsk.



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