(Eng.) I don’t feel blue but -purple!

I was out of the house for one and a half hour, yesterday; I drove to the nearest shopping center, where I did a bit of shopping, and then I was all out of energy. I had to sit down on the floor, because I was so dizzy and feeverish. And I didn’t even have the energy to drive home, myself. But I did buy a lovely pair of sandals! 🙂 So when I’ll set foot outside the house again, in some days, it will be with some great summery sandals on.
However, when I woke up today, I felt more dead than alive. Luckily, I feel a bit better now, as I can sit upright in my bed, with a glimpse of light on. So instead of feeling blue today, I thought I’d feel purple instead! 🙂

Have a beautiful Sunday! 🙂
Norsk versjon.


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