(Eng.) I wish for “pax in terra” – regarding the terror in Oslo, July 22nd 2011

Week 29:

Words are meaningless in a day like this. The huge tragedy in Oslo yesterday, has left our country in mourning. It is, however, not just us Norwegians who are affected- or shocked by the terror action that occurred. This concerns the entire planet! When something as extreme can happen in little and safe Norway, other countries must be scared that this will happen on their land, as well.
For the time being, the number of casualties is 92. In addision, thousands of other people are physically and/or psychologically hurt, directly or indirectly, by the events. The experiences that these people now have, will effect them for life.
The affected geographical areas in the center of Oslo and on Utøya, look like war zones. It’s hard to believe that the photos/videos are from just a few miles away from my home! Something that makes this all even more unbelievable, is that the man who’s been charged for the terror actions, is an ethnic Norwegian. We never expected to be attacked by one of our fellow citizens, since we don’t have any experience with civil wars here in Norway. One can become paranoid by much less!

Not to let this man, or prospective responsible people, change the Norwegian people into more negative, cynical or hostile people, I decide to believe in the good in humanity. Often in catastrophes, one see that people unite, -are good to others, caring and empathic and that they are eager to help victims. It’s important to focus on that these good people make the majority of people on Earth. Consequently, I keep hoping for a more peaceful World. This week’s Weekly words, are therefore of positive meaning; the latin expression pax in terra.
Pax means, in this context, peace or a kiss of peace. In means on and terra is the same as Earth. When putting these words together, they mean peace on Earth. And if there’s one thing I wish for, it is peace on Earth!
Norsk versjon.



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