(Eng.) More photos from- and text about my trip to London


In my last post, I asked you where you thought the track lead me, and here’s the answer:

When I’m on vacation, I sometimes have a goal not to be taken for a tourist. And when I thought about how I could achieve that, I though about people from large cities using the local parks as their own backyard. So I brought something to eat and drink, and my crochet project, and went to the park, on my own. The park was less attractive than the track that lead me to it, but I still had a good time there.


People played rugby-, -with dogs-, did yoga- and relaxed there. Since there weren’t many people there, I didn’t feel comfortable taking their pictures. So I only captured these two people, who had their backs towards me, -and seemed to have a nice while. 🙂



And later on, my dear friend and I had taco and champagne for dinner – a quite unusual- but nice combination. We even tried taco soaked in champagne! 🙂


And as for my wish to be mistaken for a local; when I was going home, the taxi driver asked me if we should take this or that way, to the airport. So I’d say that my mission was completed! 🙂
I was in poor health when I visited London, so I didn’t get to walk around in the city, like I had hoped to do. So I don’t have many photos to share, but just the fact that I managed to travel there, is a victory in itself! My friend and I shared many hours of talking, shopping online and laughing, witch I’m looking forward to repeat the next time I go there, but I’d also love to add some sightseeing and many wonderful photo moments, to the visit!
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Norsk versjon.


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