(Eng.) Mrs. Elisabeth – a rose with history

Anne, with the gardening blog Moseplassen (the moss place), holds a competition every month, where people can enter a photo and -text, which relate to her chosen garden-/nature subject. This month, however, she’s decided to throw a challenge, instead, due to Norway’s state of mind, post terror actions, and the theme is “miss rose”. So instead of competing for the title, we’re to share our roses with other people who’re into gardening and photography, just to share our joy!
My rose is, in fact, not a miss, but a mrs., since my contribution is named after my grandma. She planted this climbing rose, of unknown name, to me, long before I was born, in my mom’s- and my childhood home’s garden. Sadly, my grandma passed away in the year of my birth, but this rose bush, and more too, which she planted, live happily on, in a west-facing garden. I don’t know the exact age of this rose, but I can assume that it is between 30 and 40 years old. 🙂

Taking part in the things that my previous generations loved to do, gives me a sense of belonging, and it makes me feel closer to their person and -time. Things, both old and new, with good memories related to them, are very dear to me.

Do you want to see more of my floral photos? You can do so, by opening this internal photo gallery.
You can see the full size of the (deflowered) rose bush, in this photo from the beginning of August.

There are, at the time being, 37 other lovely roses entered into the challenge, and they’re in different shapes and colors, and of different species. The entries are in Norwegian, but the photos speak for themselves, in a universal language, so feel free to enter Moseplassen and check them out! 🙂
Norsk versjon.


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