(Eng.) Smoothie recipe x 2 – only healthy ingredients!

Here you get two smoothie recipes in one blog post. The first one is a base recipe, consisting of vegetables and fruits, while the other one has some superfoods added to it. So the latter is for you who want to give your body some extra TLC!


Recipe 1:

Gives 6 dl. (20 oz.) of smoothie.

– 2,5 dl. (8 oz.) of water,
– 7 strawberries (there’s just 5 in the picture, but I tossed in 2 more. ;-)),
– 1/2 a pear,
– 1/4 of a mango,
– 1/5 of a zucchini,
– 2 leaves of lettuce and
– 1 broccoli floret.

Rinse the vegetables and fruits in some water, and peel the pear and zucchini (or you can even leave the peel on, if you prefer). First add the water to the blender jar, and then the fruit- and vegetable pieces.
By adding the liquid first, it blends better with the solids, and it’s much easier to avoid locking of the knife blades. Blend until all lumps have dissolved. Add some ice cubes, if you’d like.
This smoothie has a very mild taste, and it’s an okay start for someone who isn’t familiar with adding vegatables to their smoothie.
Enjoy making and drinking it!

Recipe 2:

If you’ve dared to scroll down to this section, then you get an applaud from Renate the vegatable geek! 😉
This one also gives 6 dl. (20 oz.) of smoothie.
– Use the same ones as in recipe 1, and then add:
– 2 tsp. lucuma powder,
– 1 tsp. spirulina powder,
– 1 tsp. hemp protein powder,
– 1 tsp. green kamut- and alfalfa powder and
– 1 pinch himalayan salt.
Add the powders, and pulse the blender. All of a sudden, your smoothie has a rich, green color! 🙂

If you’re not familiar with these ingredients, you can read about them and their good qualities by following the links above here. There’s much nutrition to get from adding a dash of these superfoods to one’s diet! And if you’ve got some other sorts of superfood in your home, then feel free to experiment with adding them instead- or in addition to the ones that are mentioned here.
I think that this one tastes mildly, as well, and I don’t find it “grassy”. I can easily drink two large glasses of it. If you “survive” this taste, then let me know, and I’ll share an even healthier recipe with you shortly! 🙂
Enjoy making and drinking it!
Norsk versjon.


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