(Eng.) The morning hour has gold in its mouth

I enjoyed an amazing sunrise, three days ago! The sky was burning in pink shades, in east, while it was all grey and boring, in the other directions. Since I am a “the glass is half full”-kind of girl, I ignored the grey parts and simply enjoyed the beautiful awakening sun, that tried to outshine me there I was in my night gown, on the mountain in our backyard. 😉 Luckily, I didn’t run into a badger this time around, like I did the night before, when I went to shoot the moon darkening. So there was no girl scream on this photo excursion.


It was totally quiet, until the gulls started pulling pranks on each other, and wanted to show who was the alpha bird among them. I hadn’t seen a proper sunrise in ages, so I had to pick up my jaw from the ground, when watching this glorious view. It’s amazing that the sky is painted in these colors every day, somewhere on Earth, where it’s not cloudy. It’s just a shame that most of us sleep through this natural phenomenon. I think it’s worth it, to get up very early, once in a while, to watch these colors on the sky!


There is an expression for the time between sunset and darkening of the sky, called the blue hour. I miss an expression for this event, when the sun is climbing the sky, so I suggest the name the pink hour. 🙂






When was the last time you watched a sunrise?


You can see photos of a sunset i the post (Eng.) The sun sets, and off I go.


Norsk versjon.


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