(Eng.) The sun sets, and off I go

(This was written on Thursday, in Norwegian, but only translated to English today, Monday.)
This day has been a great day for me. I’ve had good friends over for lunch, and we sat outside and enjoyed this lovely and sunny day. After that, I went on a photo safari in our front yard, where I met lots of weird creatures (I’ll upload the photos, some day soon.) 🙂 And later on, I had dinner with my parents, which I rarely do, since I’m stuck in bed, most of the time. I didn’t even need to wear my ear plugs, during dinner! 🙂 I then rested for a couple of hours, and my plan was to do so, for the rest of the night, as well.


That was until my mom called me, to tell me about the wonderful skies, so that I could look at them through my window.  In an impulsive moment, I got dressed, packed my photo gear and got into the car. I simply had to drive to the ocean, to watch the sunset! I’ve got the photo bug, so I grab every oportunity to shoot some photos.


I went to two places, within short distance from my home. I was in a hurry, since it was nearly 11 pm, but I crossed my fingers for some good photos, after all. I was, in fact, too late for the spectacular colors. Still, the photos turned out okay.


A nice man asked me if I wanted him to take my picture, but I said “thanks, but no thanks”, and told him that the sunset photos would do. If you are more into self portraits, from every angle, you have to visit some “pink blogs”, because in here, it’s the bugs who do most of the posing. 😉








When I’m in good shape, I do as much as I can, within reason, to catch up on activities that I’ve wanted to do, during the last days or -weeks at home. One gets a real zest for life, when constantly having to charge one’s batteries, like I have to, so it’s easy being too greedy on good days. I’ve helped myself to both visual- and sound impressions, use of muscles, upright positions, consentration, sun and socialization, today, so I’m pretty full now. I’m sure I have to fast tomorrow, but that’s okay, because I can live long and well through the memories of this day.


I’m very thankful for days like this, where I truly get to live. But at the same time, I get really angry with my sickness, since it’s keeping me from doing the things that I want- and love to, on most days. Why can’t I too study, work, go for a run, go on vacations, party, go shopping for hours, attend concerts or eat a pizza which has milk and gluten in it? If there’s any truth to the theory of carma, which the buddhists believe in, then I must have done something quite terrible in my previous life, to deserve many years of severe sickness.


Even on wonderful days, the sun has to set.

You can see photos of a sunrise i the post (Eng.) The morning hour has gold in its mouth.

Norsk versjon.


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