(Eng.) “There is no road towards peace; peace is the road.” Mahatma Gandhi

The sick, sick terror actions in Oslo today, the bombing of the governmental block and the shooting at the island Utøya, have really shocked me! I often see bombing and shooting on TV, but this kind of terror actions have never taken place in Norway before. Vi might be a naive and gullible people, but what has the world turned into, if one is to expect to be victims of terror?


I really like the freedom, -equality and -excess we have in this country. Perhaps some of this will be-, and should be-, changed, after these incidents of terror. In times like this, it’s important to face reality and be extra careful, but one should definitely not bury oneself, -live in constant fear or stop doing the things one wants, to stay clear of possible misery.



Think of the people who lost their lives or -health today, and their next of kin, and the horrible pain they are put through. And think of how lucky you are, that you’re not one of them, and keep remembering that you could have been way worse off, than you are. At least, that’s what I’m thinking!


We’re only man/woman of our own bodies, thoughts, feelings and actions, so it’s up to us what kind of people we want to be. For every person who does good deeds, society is improved and -a better place for everyone. So on that note, I encourage you to be good to yourself and those whom you surround yourself with.


Don’t give up, give more of yourself, instead!


Norsk versjon.


Peace and love,


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