(Eng.) To smurf oneself blue and purple

Week 24;


The other day, I was made aware of the verb to smurf, which I hadn’t used before. It was used in the context of smurfing online , and I just thought it was a misspelling. 😛 I found it to be a fun verb to use but I thought to myself that it wasn’t a very versitile one. Little did I know that just a few days later, on Saturday the 25th of June, a new Guinness world record was to be set in smurfing! Talk about doing funny things with your time! 😀 Check it out yourself!


So since smurfing is so in, I figured I’d read up on the subject. After some smurfing online, I came across several ways to use the verb. Some people say that it can substitute just about any verb, while others believe that the word points to smurf reproduction (which also may point to human reproduction, analogically speaking.)


I’ve taken a Smurf test, to see which Smurf I am, and I turned out to be Painter Smurf, which coinsides with my personality, apart from that Painter Smurf is a man!



I happen to disagree about the part about being moody, though! 😉


Find out which Smurf you are, by taking the test you find HERE. (It opens in the same window.)


In the post I don’t feel blue but -purple (it opens in he same window), I made a point of feeling purple instead of -blue, since I prefer that state of mind. However, there are many ones with the opposite belief – I’m talking about the Smurfs! Take 10 minutes of time out, so that you can watch the episode Purple smurfs (external link), to reminisce about your childhood. Then you’ll see how it can be a big problem to feel/be purple 😀

There’s even a 3D Smurf movie coming up, with a World premiere on the 29th of July, called Smurf’d. Here’s a quote from it that made me laugh;
-(Man) “Smurfety, smurf, smurf, smurf!”
– (Smurf) “There’s no call for that kind of language!”
You can see the trailer here:
Which Smurf are you and are you going to see the new movie?

Have a smurfy night! 🙂
Norsk versjon.



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