(Eng.) Too ambitious? – A change to the category “Weekly words”

When I started up the blog, one of my ideas was to write one post about interesting words, “Weekly words”, per week. Having to write to a (selfmade) deadline, turned out to be harder than I thought. And it isn’t because I don’t come across enough funny-, bizarre- or inspiring words. It is because of my poor health. And the last thing that I need, when I’m trying to get better, is satisfying my inner perfectionist, with continuing on with this column, just for the sake of it. After all, Miss Perfectionist has lots of other things keeping her busy.

My fascination for languages, lives on, even though I’m chained to my bed, and -some days only have the energy to reply to questions with one syllable. I’m online alot, and here I come across many nice words and -expressions. Most of them are dear and old friends of mine, and some are total strangers, while others again are to me, as the knowledge of math is to some school kids’ parents. I make notes on the words that I want to get to know better, and I read about them in dictionaries. This way, I’m constantly improving the languages that I know.

I don’t intend to terminate the posts about words and -expressions, but I can’t make any promises, as to how often these posts will be published. I therefore find it natural to change the title of these posts, from “Weekly words”, to simply “Words”.

So maybe I was too ambitious, with regard to my ability to write to a deadline. So I definitely was too optimistic about the speed of my recovery from this illness. I still don’t see this as a big failure, though. Having ambitions, high ambitions, is something that drives you. Maybe you don’t hit your target, on your first go, at least, or maybe you will bump into Miss Self-Enlightenment. A miss dressed in the clothes of disappointment, who in the heat of the battle, takes off her coat, and reveals a colorful and shiny summer dress, that will shed a light on the back alley that she’s in.

A dream, a hope and an ambition – they’re all dynamic, and when they’ve first been brought to life, they won’t vanish. A dream-, a hope- or an ambition that doesn’t get accomplished or fulfilled, doesn’t disappear. It turns into disappointment, embarassment, anger, sadness or envy, or perhaps it builds the foundation for a new dream, -hope or -higher ambition. No, it doesn’t disappear, it simply evolves into something else.
My ambitions will continue on with their daily conversations with Neptun and Uranus, and -sit on Pluto’s lap, dangling with their feet, no matter how many shooting stars they’ll have to dodge. My body was an easy target for my invisible kidnapper, but my thoughts, on the other hand, are all over the place, so they’re much harder to lock up. They’re attached to long strings, and they act as pretentious circus balloons, balancing on my wrist. Some of them manage to get loose and fly up high in the sky, and some get stuck in high trees, and never come down. Others fall down by gravity’s first punch in their face. The majority of them are obedient and hang on tightly, hanging out with their colorful- and bird perspective-loving fellows. The kidnapper never dares to touch the strings, as they’re very sharp, -quick on their feet and -likely to bite.

So to my question; have I been-, and is it possible to be too ambitious (when being a somewhat realistic person)? If you’d like to know my answer, then read between the lines. 🙂
Norsk versjon.


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