(Eng.) What’s right in front of you

I was out in the backyard, yesterday, to do some photographing. I shot leaves, pine tree cones, puddles and more. While shooting a straw, I saw a tiny fellow, sitting on the lcd screen on my camera, who wanted to greet me, the french way. The first thing that popped into my mind, was “I think you’ll do better in front of the camera than -behind it!” So I moved him, gently, with come pine needles, with the hopes that he would be Norway’s next top model. I put him on my knee and started snapping photos of him. He kept moving and striking poses, like bugs normally do. Far from all the photos were in focus, however, I thought they were quite funny, so I decided to share them with all of you, who visit my blog. 🙂


I think it looks like he’s dancing, doing karate and showing off, with the thought to mind that “haha, I can stand on one leg, look at me! I bet you’re not that talented!” He acted like a dare devil, as he balanced on the edge of the planet, and in one photo, you can see that he takes the leap to jump into space. He was a quite funny guy and I’m glad that I bumped into him.


~      ~      ~


What you’re looking for, is usually hidden well, while what you’re not looking for, is right in front of you! The trick to having a good day, is to enjoy what life brings you and appreciate what’s right in front of your nose. If you don’t like what you’re facing, then turn your life in a different direction, and don’t be afraid of taking a leap of faith!







Does anybody know what kind of species this is?


Norsk versjon.



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