(Eng.) You can’t bargain with giraffes

I’ve always been fascinated with giraffes. They’re the tallest animals on Earth, they’re gracious and they’re covered with a great pattern. When I had biology in High School, I had a presentation on giraffes. What made the biggest impression on me, and my cousin, whom I tested my presentation on, was that giraffes give birth standing up and that the first thing a giraffe calf experiences, is falling 2 meters/6,5ft to the ground. Talk about coming to Earth with a bang!!


When I studied in Bali, I saw lots of giraffe sculptures, carved out in wood. These had a not so kind facial expression, so I kept looking for my “dream giraffe”. In a market, in Denpasar, I came across the perfect giraffe, which had a gentle and kind expression on its face. I even felt like a giraffe, myself, since I was one head taller than everyone there, and with my fair skin, as well, I really stood out from the crowd.


After being in Bali for a couple of months, I was really good at bargaining prices with the sellers, so I tried to get the price down on the giraffe. The giraffe didn’t wan’t to be sold at my suggested price, so I walked away and looked in other shops, instead. But none of them had the same giraffe, so I had to bite the sour apple and go back to buy it, on the seller’s terms. I rarely eat fruit this sour, but I simply had to bring this giraffe home with me!


I’ve even got a new giraffe friend, now. I found a beautiful pendant, when shopping online, a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s entered the country. My two giraffes get along well, and they decided to join together in a fun photoshoot, out in the sunny weather. They even brought in an extra model for the shoot. 🙂








Don’t you think they did a good job? 🙂

Norsk versjon.



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