(Eng.) Is ‘integrity’ just a hardcore band?

Week 15:


A marital discussion about a new job offer, on Desperate housewives (season 7, episode 17):


“- I’m not gonna screw over carlos. What ever happened to integrity?

“Nothing. It got a better offer from Glen, and turned into prosperity.


There are many transitions in life, like a child turning into an adult, winter turning into spring and day turning into night. I’ve never seen the change from ‘integrity’ to ‘prosperity’ as a natural transition, though.

People are often staying loyal to their bank, insurance company etc., thinking that it’s the right thing to do. The right thing for whom? While doing what’s right for others, we tend to forget what’s right for ourselves. When we’re afraid of stepping on someone’s toes, we might end up standing still.


If there’s a change that we’re scared of making, the easy way out, can be to stand still and lean on our good virtues. Like Tom, in this show, who’s afraid of reaching new heights, and wants to turn down the new job, because of his oh-so-high integrity.


I think it’s possible for integrity and prosperity, to live side by side. One can even claim that seeking prosperity, is a way of honoring our own well being – hence, having integrity intact. So maybe we should go easier on ourselves, and then have more to give to others. There are more changes in life, than meet the eye. Perhaps it’s time for a rebirth of some old definitions and patterns of thinking.. Although, there’s no need to do it as loudly as the guys in the band Integrity – with the song Rebirth (1992).

Norsk versjon.



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