(Eng.) Living well is contagious

Week 17:


Dr. Mehmet Oz claims that «living well is contagious», in one episode of his TV show, The Doctor Oz show. When I hear the word ‘contagious’, my thoughts go to computer viruses and all sorts of diseases; the flu, H1N1-virus, HIV, XMRV, catarrh, chlamydia and measles. The word carries a negative connotation. When we get a disease from someone, we might focus on that “they gave it to me” rather than “I got it”. In that way, we passify ourselves, and remove ourselves from the left side of the equation.


I’m a fan of turning negative situations into positive ones, so I find the doctor’s point of view as something exciting. So, what other than diseases can be contagious?


‘Living well’ can entail so much. If someone smiles at you, it might reflect on your lips. When you watch sports on TV, you might feel the urge to go outside and run, ride a bike or play football. When talking to a friend, who’s a vegetarian, you might crave the healthy foods that you’re hearing of. When someone you know, quits smoking or drinking, you might want to cut back yourself. Visiting a tidy and clean house, can make you want to fix up your own house, and when someone follows their lifelong dream of travelling across the planet, you might find yourself searching the web for your dream destinations.

If we do either of these great things, after being inspired by others, we rarely say that “I haven’t had a smoke in 40 days, because my friend contaminated me with his smoke free way of life”, or “Look at my skinny waist! I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for my friend, whom passed her sporty lifestyle to me”. No, we say that “I haven’t had a smoke in 40 days. Aren’t you proud of my accomplishments?” and “Look at my skinny waist! I’ve worked so hard for it!” When something bad happens, it’s easy blaming others, but when something goes well, we don’t like to share the credit with others.


If living well is as contagious as Dr. Oz says, then I think we should share the credit with those who’ve inspired us to do the good deeds. That way, they again will feel good, and someone else might pick up on their good vibes. So share your good habits and -ways of life with those near you, and with strangers, as well, and don’t forget to thank those who push you in the right direction.


The question is if there’s a vaccine for all the grumpy people, who’re not interestet in catching this ‘bug’. Let’s hope not.


Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, whine less, breathe more, talk less, say more, hate less, love more, and good things will be yours.

~ Swedish Proverb.


Norsk versjon.



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