(Eng.) Nothing in life is free

The sun is shining today, so I wanted to go outside, to take some pictures. I brought my camera equipment, and went out on the porch, looking for things to capture.


I came across some sunbathing flies and a hard working ant. I greeted them and then gave them a paparazzi experience, out of this world. Some enjoyed the lime light, while others couldn’t get away fast enough. I met one fly, whom I suspect has a job at a circus, making balloon figures.


Down in the front yard, I sat down, to take pictures of some flowers. And there, right in front of me, sat a beautiful butterfly! What a joyous surprise!


Earlier in the day, I’d seen a yellow butterfly, pass me by, without having my camera in hand. So that disappointment, was now pushed aside, by a big and strong excitement.


Winter snuck up on us, last year, so we didn’t get to remove all the gravity challenged apples in the yard, before the ground was covered with snow. This, to an enormous joy for a family of flies, passing through here, today. They were binge eating the most delicious, rotten apples there are. I bent down, to take their picture, and all of a sudden, I was invited to their party. They patted me on the shoulder, offering me an apple cider, brewed in 2010, which I gently turned down.


After snapping several pictures, my feet had gone numb, by balance was off and I had trouble breathing, due to my asthma. (Note to self; bring the inhaler everywhere!) At that point, I stumbled inside, and crashed on the couch. I was short of breath for about 30 minutes. I was so beside myself, that my mom had to help me with drinking some water. I never agreed to this high interest rate, prior to going outside, so I find this totally unreasonable! Well, I just have to figure out whom to send my complaints to..


Now, after a couple of hours of rest, I’m doing okay, when staying in bed. I’m grateful for the nice pictures that I’ve taken, for feeling the sun on my face and meeting several small creatures, carrying spring on their small shoulders.

Norsk versjon.



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