(Eng.) The return of gladiator games in Colosseum

Three weeks ago, I got my first injection of GcMAF, which is a protein that stimulates the macrophages to work properly again. These cells «eat» intruders that invade the body, like viruses and bacteria. Already 5 minutes after the first injection, things started happening in my body. I got a headache, nausea, foggy vision and got tired (not the good kind). And in the following week, I felt sick in a different way than I am used to. I had a stronger photo phobia, pressure headaches and I just wanted to stay in bed.


It’s frustrating being so sick, but I’ve decided to be happy about the changes in my condition, since this might mean that my immune system has rebooted. On days where I’m on bed rest, I rely on my, much appreciated, vivid imagination for entertainment.


I picture my immune system as Colosseum, post gladiator games. All out of emperors, fighters, guards, exotic animals, cheers and yelling. The only things left, are a worn down amphitheatre, a few prisoners locked up, somewhere in the maze, and a red cape, left by a bullfighter. When I’m crying out for help, all I get back, is a big slap in the face, by the echo of my voice.


After my first injection, a handful of young and naive fighters, who believe that they can conquer the world, appear. They’re in armour and they’re ready to defend Rome’s honor. I can tell that they’re inexperienced and a bit rusty, since I occasionally feel several internal stabbings.


The warriors fight as well as they can, during the first week, and since then, their troops have been backed up twice. They can now work in shifts, 24/7. Yesterday, the commander-in-chief was informed that even more fighters are expected to join the force, and I can almost hear the sound of horse hooves, and chiming armours.


During the last week, there’s been several sunny days in Rome, and there are even some flower buds, welcoming spring. And hopefully, the intruders are moving into the autumn of their lives.


If you want a first hand experience of how the battles, in every little nook, unfold, you can play Pacman for free HERE. 🙂


Norsk versjon.



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