To recycle or not to recycle? – That’s a silly question!

I hope that you’re all environmentally friendly and recycle your plastic, metal and paper. If not, I hope that you start recycling today!


Since I’m quite immobile, I do most of my recycling out of bed. I’ve set up a small recycling station at a table beside my bed; one jar for paper and one for plastic. When these jars are full, I throw the contents into the recycling bins outside. Even the smalles piece of paper or plastic, isn’t too small for me to recycle. I’m talking about everything from the tags on new apparel to the paper that wraps chewing gum. If you haven’t got the time or opportunity to be as detail oriented as myself, then do the best to your ability.



I have a tip, regarding recycling of paper. We get lots of unnecessary paper in the mail, both ads and large envelopes. Instead of tossing these right out, they can come in handy. I use them to write shopping lists, to-do lists, poetry and general rambling. And I use both sides of the paper, of course.


If the piece of paper is the size of a post-it, or larger, then it’s worth saving. Why not write your small notes on this paper, instead of using a yellow post-it, that you also have to pay for? (The exception being when you really need to stick the note to something.) When I don’t need what I wrote anymore, I simply put the paper in the recycling bin. Like this, I’ve saved the environment of one step in the recycling process.


Other measures you can take to save the environment, is to get your invoices electronically, instead of on paper, say ‘no thanks’ to phone books and ads in the mail (supply and demand) and print text on both sides of a paper.


Have you got any good tips on recycling? If so, please share them in a comment.

Norsk versjon.



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